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All the work on this blog was created by Flax.

Animated .gifs delivered to GDM Digital, for use on the The pink one is a tall side banner not displayed properly in the post - click it to enlarge.

Breakdown of my work on shots (With links to full projects)

00:00. Ooh La Bataille: Animation, Layout Artist & Cinematography.
00:07. Yirdaki: Animation, Texturing, Concept Art  & Layout Artist.
00:09. Dance: Solo project.
00:13. Motherboard: Solo project.
00:16. Explosion: Solo project.
00:19. Game Interface Concept: Solo project.
00:23. Ooh La Bataille: Environment Modeling, Animation,  Layout Artist & Cinematography.
00:30. Argument: Solo project.
00:37. Ooh La Bataille: Animation, Layout Artist & Cinematography.
00:45. Floating Monster: Solo project.

Gigabyte commercial.

Unfinished flyer.

Photoshop retouching. Click the images to enlarge and use left+right arrow keys to juxtapose the treatment.

Re-edited the title sequence in 300 - Rise of an Empire, because original cut is bad. Song is Void, by FellSilent.

Photoshopped a picture of family friends for a comedic birthday card.

Edit of some ambient footage I captured in London. Credit to Sal Paradise for allowing me to use their song.

My new online portfolio.

My new online portfolio.

Re-cut a Wakeboarding video because original edit is so bad. 

From capture to upload took me 4 hours. I sorted every shot/sequence/clip into categories: Titles/logos, ambient, pointless(cut out 1 min worth of rubbish), building, lead-ins, bails, bad tricks, good tricks, great tricks, so as to properly paint the dramatic curve with the music.

Test animation with stock models I rigged & animated.

Photo I used to paint this can be seen here.

Photo I used to paint this can be seen here.